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              WHITE OIL NO.15 GRADE A
              WHITE OIL NO.5
              WHITE OIL NO.10
              WHITE OIL NO.15
              WHITE OIL NO.26
              WHITE OIL NO.32
              WHITE OIL NO.70
              TRANSFORMER OIL NO.25
              GLYCOLIC ACID
              Cutting Board Oil(USP/FDA/USDA1)
              Naphthenic Rubber Processing Oil(RoHS)

            Paraffinic Rubber Processing Oil(RoHS)

              Wood Processing Oil(RoHS)



            White Oil No.15 GRADE A
            White oil No.15 grade A ,be made from hydrocracking processed base oil,finish after advanced chemical dewaxing and refining processing.

            Whie oil No.15 Grade A KESOON1517A is Colorless,odorless,no fluorescence and clean transparent liquid with good rust proofing,good cooling,good cleaning,and good lubricative property.Be widely used in cosmetics and personal care processing products.

            package: packing in 17/19kgs tare weight drums,165/170kgs per drum,80drums in 1X20'fcl.,140drums in 1X40'fcl.

            Price upon enquiry: e sales@kesoon.com mimineral oil,white oil,liquid paraffin,vaseline oil,Synonyms: Paraffin oil; Heat-treating oil; Hydraulic oil; Cable oil; Lubricating oil; Oil mist, refined mineral; mineral oil mist; oil mist, mineral, severely refined; Uvasol; Paraffin oils; Mineral oil hydrocarbon solvent (petroleum); Mineral oil (saturated parrafin oil); oil, petroleum; Nujol; liquid paraffin; white mineral oil; clearteck; drakeol; hevyteck; filtrawhite; frigol; kremol; kaydol; alboline; paroleine; Saxol; adepsine oil; glymol; lignite oil; blandol white mineral oil; carnea 21; Ervol; gloria; hydrocarbon oils; peneteck; primol; triona b; blandlube; crystosol; Molol; protopet; bayol f; crystol 325; fonoline; bayol 55; kondremul; neo-cultol; oil mist; penreco; perfecta; petrogalar; primol 355; primol d; tech pet f; Petroleum hydrocarbons; jute batching oil; paraffin oil (class); petrolatum, liquid; white oil; Mineral oil, aromatic; Mineral oil, paraffinic; Mineral Seal Oil; Electrical Insulating Oil; OIL MIST, MINERAL (MINERAL OIL)

            KESOON1517A Specification

            Appearance B & C B & C VISUAL
            Specific Gravity,@15/4℃ Report 0.830 ASTM D-1398
            Kinematic Viscosity,@40℃ 13.5-16.5 14.8 ASTM D-445
            Flash Point,℃ Min 175 186 ASTM D-92
            Pour Point,℃ Max -5 -12 ASTM D-97
            Color,Saybolt Min +25 +30 ASTM D-156


            • As the best of our known,the data listed above is enough for typical reference,but the final data must be defined by the customer request and the current cargo.
            • "B&C" (bright and clear) means colorless,,no fluorescence and clearn transparent liquid.
            • What manner the cargo be used is the sole responsibilty of end user.

            Packing and Storage: Clean container without any contamination materials is required,.The plasic pail, aluminum or stainless steel oil tank without foul or tonic are suggested.advice do not mixed oils with different lots,brand etc.

            USAGE: Widely used from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics to plastics to food to textile to leather processing.

            Tel:+86-668-2867671,2879313 Fax: +86-668-2880230 Kesoon Fine Chemical Co.Ltd. All right reserved .Designed for 1024x768x16M 粵ICP備05122703號

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